hey hey, friend!

kelly here.

As a young girl, I started performing in my living room, dancing to Wilson Philips on a mini trampoline...you know, those single-man trampolines that I'm sure my mother wanted to use as workout equipment, but never did because yours truly was hogging it all the time? Yeah, I loved it. It was my first ever stage. 

Since those days on my little trampoline, I have been lucky enough to make performing my career, and I'm so grateful for every second I get to do what I love. I have found many different avenues to share my sparkly love of life. From princess parties, to coaching youth performers, to being onstage myself, I feel very fortunate to spread the sparkle...I feel a hashtag coming along.

In my spare time, I love ordering in food and Netflixing (it should be a word by now), forcing snuggles with my giant, doodle puppies, and laughing about fun memories with my family. I have a serious weakness for white cheddar popcorn, daisies and tulips, and anything Disney.

let's plaaayy.